St. Steven's Catholic Church

Religious Education


Elementary Grade K- 5th

Faith formations for grades K-5th is to build a foundation of understanding our faith.

  • 2nd– Reconciliation
  • 3rd– First Communion and Confirmation

Students may only receive the dual sacraments if they have been enrolled for 2 years in Faith Formation; per the Diocese of Phoenix Bishop Olmstead was in place in 2005. Bring all Sacramental record into the office at time of registration.  Payment can be made by card, check, or cash during office hours or open registration.

Youth Ministry Grades 6th– 12th

The focus of Youth Ministry is to build on the faith foundation to encourage fellowship among the catholic youth and a deeper understating of catholic lifestyle, prayer, social justice stand and action in society.

The middle school and high school group are split for most Sunday’s; there will be some days when the groups are not dived for a fellowship day or volunteer activities.

RE 2019-2020 Calendars

RE Elementary Calendar 2019-2020
Youth Ministry Calendar 2019-2020


Interested in volunteering

All volunteers and Catechist must undergo Safe environment training.  Each new fiscal year that starts July 1st.  We have different options  you can help, for example, assisting our Catchiest in class, volunteering to chaperon on retreats or sponsor a meal for the youth.